Headquarters of the Directorate: Prishtinë ,New building of municipality, Dragodan
Director of the Directorate: Nora Kelmendi,

Date of birth: 03 October 1970 
Status: Single

Experience: Ms.Kelmendi has a tremendous career in property management, business and social enterprises field. She has completed her university at the Faculty of Economics while her master’s degree in Management at the South East European University in Macedonia. From 2011, Ms.Kelmendi has worked in the private management consultancy company ‘Management Development Associates’ (MDA) as the head of the Division for Business Development, and later led the MDA Foundation.  She has also worked for eight years at the Kosovo Trust Agency - KTA as a privatization officer, and later as the head of the unit for relations with investors. At AKP she was the director of the sales department where she led and managed the privatization processes of socially owned enterprises in Kosovo From 2000-2002 she worked as a business consultant in the USAID-sponsored  "Chemonics International" Project, and was one of the first business consultants in Kosovo. After that,    she went on to the financial institution "Interim Credit Unit" (ICU), a project funded by the World Bank and the European Union. In 1999, before the beginning of the war in Kosovo, she started working as a distribution officer in an international organization "Care International"Australia.
During the war she worked in the same organization, in the Cegrane camp in Macedonia. After returning to Kosovo with "Care International" organization, she continued her work as a leader in food distribution (humanitarian aid) for the Lipjan / Lipljan and Ferizaj / Urosevac regions.

E-mail: nora.kelmendi@rks-gov.net
Tel: 038 233 140

Working Hours:   8:00 to 16:00
Parties’ Acceptance: The meetings are scheduled depending on the requirements of the citizens. The real estate registration service meets every Tuesday and Thursday in the office ,on the second floor from 10am to 12pm,


Directorate of Cadastre

It is responsible for the development and organization of cadastral capacities, homogeneous reference network, reconstruction of cadastral information in digital form, the model of the land and property information system. 

Provides professional services and other services to interested subjects 

Improves  state land management and land tax efficiency; 

Plans the network with new checkpoints and establishes new control points; 

Digitizes polygonal and trigonometric points, and vectorizes scanned plans (parcels and cadastral zones);

Updates the graphical part, based on the new documents and measurements, and transforms them with the given parameters; 

Provides services on maintaining and classifying the harvest;

Provides parcel allocation services and marks boundaries in cases of expropriation; 

Performs professional work in the field of geodesy (the changes made during measurements - their transfer to the geodesy program);  

Provides services for digitized data (providing field coordinates); 

Controls geodetic networks and measurements; 

Does the registration of real estate and municipal properties; 

Develops the registration procedure, in accordance with the laws, and the demands of the parties; 

Records the area of the buildings and their parts, underground and overground objects and also elaborates the sketches. 

Corrects the (RDPP) register, according to the applicable legal procedures and provisions; 

Updates the property register, based on verified documents and other records from archived documentations

Implements the procedures on public property transactions in RDPP; 

Examines and develops administrative procedures for the return of real estate to the owner, identifies and settles the provisional measures according to the decision of the competent court;

Registers and unenrolls mortgages; 

Manages the cadastre of apartments,buildings, as well as the cadastral parcels in which the aparments have been built;  

Makes decisions on the tax burden, property tax on parcels and notes on warranties; 

Releases real estate certificates, upon request; 

Maintains and corrects data on settlements, villages, squares, streets and building numbers  

Issues decisions on the approval or rejection of requests 

Draws conclusions to meet the incomplete requirements; 

Performs other work, according to applicable laws within the area of activity of the Directorate,  

For the purpose of exercising the functions defined by the legal provisions in force, the Cadastral Directorate is organized in these sectors:

1. Cadastral Sector;

2. Geodesy Sector.