Directorate of Inspection


Supervises and inspects all negative phenomena encountered in the territory of the Municipality of Prishtina; 

Supervises and verifies whether citizens apply or meet the requirements of municipal acts in the administration of their property ; 

Prohibits the illegal occupation of land, buildings and facilities of the municipality ; 

Supervises the process of building, altering, transforming, and demolishing of objects; 

Supervises the water supply network, unlicensed connections in the network, and prevents the mis-use of drinking water; 

Supervises illegal connections to the public sewerage network, intervention of public roads without permission, sidewalks and other public areas; 

Supervises the maintenance of roads, sidewalks, squares, parks, cemeteries, green market, playgrounds and other public areas; 

Supervises the process of production, processing, storage, transportation of food, equipment and tools; 

Supervises the objects as well as the equipment for drinking water supply ; 

It is responsible for the confiscation of suspicious goods which pose a risk to public health, and its disposal, in accordance with the applicable rules and procedures; 

Inspects the business spaces, objects , equipment and tools, for the production and circulation of agricultural products;

Inspects industrial activities that can cause air, land and water pollution 

Inspects the technical documentation (construction projects, building permits, final inspection of site construction);

Inspects the construction process at all stages and verifies whether it is in compliance with the construction documentation; 

Ensures that adequate security measures are taken on buildings in construction, other surrounding objects and in traffic also; 

Verifies the accuracy and authenticity of the documentation, which the investor, in accordance with the law, must have available at the construction site; 

Keeps the evidence  the state of the works at the construction site, assessing the implementation of the conditions for construction, the quality of work and the quality of construction materials; 

Makes decisions for the termination of construction, in case of discrepancies with the requirements of the construction permit; 

Makes decisions for the demolition of constructed buildings, in case of discrepancies with the requirements of construction permits 

Supervises the fulfillment of the sanitary-technical and hygienic conditions, in the process of issuing the construction permit, in accordance with the applicable law; 

In accordance with the law, he takes protective measures for the health of the population from the harmful impact of tobacco products and smoking ; 

Supervises the implementation of provisions relating to the health control of animals, food of animal origin, meat and meat products, objects and equipment for meat preservation and sale;

Supervises the placement of goods outside the business premises, prohibits the use of public spaces without permission, prohibits the placing of inscriptions, advertisements, showcases in the public spaces. 

Supervises the implementation of the provisions for the placing of advertisements of all kinds; 

Supervises the implementation of legal provisions in the field of traffic and motor vehicles in public circulation; 

Supervises, controls and takes precautionary measures, against illegal carriers and those who do not respect the schedule set by the competent organ; 

Inspects public roads in which works are  carried out, for example during design, construction, reconstruction; 

Inspects the implementation of the general road safety management plan (design, construction, reconstruction, maintenance, road signage); 

Inspects urban public transport, peripheral urban transport and the transportation of goods; 

Supervises the implementation of legal provisions for protected areas of nature, from contamination, waste and hazardous substances;

Inspects activities that cause environmental disturbances and identifies the responsible party, which has caused disorders; 

It supervises the implementation of legal provisions for the management and conservation of natural resources (cutting of forests, sand extraction in rivers etc.) ; 

Inspect the work of the quarries; 

Monitors municipal public services related to environmental protection (waste management, sewerage, water and other public services,for the prevention of environmental pollution); 

It is responsible for local environmental planning, nature conservation measures, other noise protection measures, traffic etc; 

Ensures and takes measures to ensure that the agricultural land is not used for other purposes; 

Orders the implementation of fire protection measures in cases of incineration by the user or owner of the agricultural land; 

It implements agro-technical measures for the conservation and protection of plantings and other crops ; 

Performs other work, in accordance with applicable laws within the area of ​​activity of the Directorate. 

For the purpose of exercising the functions defined by the legal provisions in force, the Directorate of Inspection is organized in the following sectors:

1. Sector of Municipal Order;

2. Construction Sector;

3. Forestry Sector;