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Directorate of Administration


The Administration Department, within its field of activity, exercises and is responsible for:

  • Exercising and implementing general administrative services for the organs of the administration and the municipality .
  • Provision of administrative services for citizens of the Municipality of Prishtina, within its legal competencies.


Responsibilities of the administration:

General administrative services, for administrative organs and other municipal organs of the Directorate of Administration, include:

Providing services and performing administrative work, for the affairs  of the Municipal Assembly of the Board of Directors, and committees of the Municipal Assembly.

Preparation and drafting of acts of the Mayor (Article 13 and  Article 58 of the LLSG) as well as other technical-administrative work such as:

-          Drafting of invitations and decisions arising from specific meetings, drafting and professional editing of materials in official languages ​​used in the Municipality of Prishtina;

-          Admission and proceeding to the competent organ of citizens' initiatives, petitions and requests for referendum of citizens of the Municipality of Prishtina, in accordance with the Law and the Statute of the Municipality;

Makes proposals for draft regulations and proposes general administrative decisions, as well as makes proposals for amending and supplementing the general  legislation in force (in the Municipal jurisdiction)

Does the registration and keeps records of the official materials received and submitted by the archive of the municipality administration, archives the materials and takes care of its storage, as well as maintains administrative material acts (motherboards, charts, protocols, registers, etc.)

Provides all forms of services and legal assistance to citizens, including registration of all their claims, and reports on the completion of administrative cases in accordance with legal deadlines;

It is responsible and takes care of the provision of postal services for the needs of the Municipal Organs, and for the administration ; 

Exercises and manages in the field of logistics, including the management and caring of vehicles, the owner of which is the Municipality of Prishtina 

Organizes and cares for the maintenance of municipal administration facilities, including the organization of security services for these objects.

Cares for the maintenance of information technology and its advancement for official needs

Performs other work, according to applicable laws within the area of ​​activity of the Directorate.

For the purpose of exercising the functions defined by the legal provisions in force, the Directorate of Administration is organized in these sectors:

1. Sector of Local Communities;

2. Sector for Municipal Assembly Work;

3. Civil Status Sector;

4. Information Technology Sector;

5. General Services Sector (Logistics);

6. Sector for Citizen Service.